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Our current team is shown below.

Arda Karaderi

Arda Karaderi

Entrepreneur & Software Engineer

After completing his Bachelor's degree with First-Class Honours at Cardiff University, Arda Karaderi started his professional career by developing software for private companies as a Freelancer. In 2019, he started working as a Developer at OpenPayd and later got promoted to the Development Team Lead position. In 2020, Arda made a switch and started working at Turkcell as a Software Engineer. As of the end of 2021, he returned to the private sector by establishing ORPTech.

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Our services!

The services we deliver and enjoy while doing so are listed below!

Technological Consultancy
As ORPTech, we would love to discuss what we can do to proceed your company one step further. We can carry out a feasibility analysis on your technological ideas and prepare a report of our findings. Apart from these, if you wish, we can perform a technical analysis on your company and give you feedback about what can be improved and which solutions can be used.
Web Development (Web App & API Development)
We can develop custom solutions and deploy them to world-class cloud services. By doing so, you will be able to access your applications wherever you go. Moreover, we can develop an API solution for your company where other companies can access and communicate with your systems.
Mobile Application Development
All companies, at a time, requires a custom mobile application for their exceptional needs. If the solutions on the market are not enough or are too expensive, we can develop a custom mobile application for you. As ORPTech, we proudly develop and host applications on the iOS App Store and the Google PlayStore.
API Integrations
We would love to integrate existing APIs into your software solutions. These may include but are not limited to Payment Gateway APIs.
SEO – Search Engine Optimization
If you need to attract more traffic to your website through search engines like Google and Yandex, we can work on an optimization solution. The optimization strategy and implementation provided by our company will put you on a higher rank in the search engine result pages (SERPs) and inevitably increase visitors to your website.

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