ORPTech Pricing

A Message from ORPTech

Let’s face it, one size does not fit all. ORPTech provides service to organizations of all sizes. Some just want our core services while others may leverage one of our premium products to collect payments or to sell their products.

In our price list, you will notice that most of the prices displayed use USD instead of TRY. This is due to the current economical crisis in North Cyprus.

The software world revolves around the USD. Thus, all of our expenses are in USD and with this unforeseen economical crisis, it's impossible for us to charge TRY and spend in USD.

To give you a better idea, a few of our expenses are listed below:

  • Annual Integrated development environment (IDE) licenses
  • Virtual Private Server usage fees
  • Image and content licenses
  • Devices for Software Development
  • Apple Developer Programme Subscriptions
  • Accounting Fees (International)
  • Legal Fees

Having said all this, click here to view our detailed price list PDF. Thank you for your understanding.