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What is a Payment Gateway?

Posted on July 29, 2022 by ORPTech Team
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What is a Payment Gateway?

It can be difficult and problematic to work with banks. If you don’t want to waste your time on these problems or want a payment system ready at hand for your brand in a short time, then you might consider using a Payment Gateway. It is the most common way for a brand to connect to a payment system. Payment Gateways help your brand to take payments easily, quickly, and securely. For a small fee per transaction, they act as a middleman between your brand and the bank, allowing a secure connection with encryption to establish while processing payments. This security aspect of Payment Gateway is critical because it serves as one of the key benefits.

Benefits of Payment Gateways

  • Single integration for multiple banks
  • Expanded customer base
  • Secure transactions
  • Bundled with a shopping cart
  • Added convenience
  • Faster transaction processing

Popular Payment Gateways

  • Stripe
  • PayPal
  • Iyzico / PayU
  • Amazon Pay
  • WePay
  • Square

ORPTech Payment Gateway integration

As ORPTech, we can help you integrate your business with your desired Payment Gateway. There are no platform or development language restrictions. We have worked with various companies about their Payment Gateway integration and have experience in Payment Gateway development and integration. Contact us about your project. We would love to discuss it! Project completion times change for every project depending on the content and complexity.

Orbill Payment Solutions

Another way of selling your services or products to get paid is using our Orbill Application. Orbill provides its users with many benefits such as; an advanced user dashboard, stock management/monitoring, company or office-based special employee permissions in the system, and the ability to create customer profiles. For detailed information, you can visit our Orbill website. (https://orbill.orptech.com/)

What does the future hold?

As technology inevitably advances, new payment methods will appear that bring more benefits for people. For instance, Meta announced that they started testing a new payment method for Instagram, adding the ability to buy products or services through direct messages and track them.

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