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Content Management Systems and iyzico

Posted on November 28, 2021 by ORPTech Team
Iyzico CMS Content Management System

What is iyzico?

iyzico is a payment platform that comes with payment infrastructure. They offer ePayment solutions for e-commerce companies, individuals, and marketplaces.

What do you need for integration?

You need two things to connect to iyzico. API key and Security key. You can access these two parameters by going to your iyzico dashboard and then navigating to the settings tab.

How to integrate IYZICO with WordPress

To use iyzico with WordPress, first, you need to install the official iyzico plugin from your WordPress dashboard to your website. After installing the plugin, you need to activate it through plugins > installed plugins. Then navigate to WooCommerce > Settings > Payment. You are going to see the list of available payment options. Activate iyzico from the list and click the manage button. After clicking manage, you are going to see the API key and Security key fields. Enter your keys to those fields and click the save changes button down below the page. Now you are all set!

How to integrate IYZICO with ORPTech

After entering the API key and Security key into the ORPTech dashboard, the connection becomes established between iyzico and ORPTech. That is all you have to do while using ORPTech. No need to download or install any 3rd party software.

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