About Us

Who is ORPTech?

ORPTech is a Software As A Service (SaaS) Start-up based in North Cyprus. In 2016, the journey of ORPTech began with the first release of our order filtering Shopify plugin Abel.

After Abel, the ORPTech team kept developing new products and offering them to the e-commerce world.

ORPTech's promise to its customers is: "As ORPTech, we endeavour to find the safest, most robust, and scalable solution per your business requirements."

Phone number: +90 533 850 02 30 (Global)

HQ Address: ORPTech Yazılım LTD Şehit Duran Akyüz Sokak Ortaköy, Lefkoşa North Cyprus via Mersin10, Turkey 99010

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